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Kecurian Di Masjid 0

Kecurian Di Masjid

Kejadian berlaku pada 23oct2018 jam 1045 malam di masjid attaqwa kg padang embun tendong pasir mas kelantan. Suspek sedang dicari oleh polis. Tolong viralkan. Video Penuh berdurasi 1.04 minit


Sharing dari Sifu Wan Mus, Siapa Kenal Beliau?

BRANDING? NAK BUAT APA BRANDING?   Branding perlukan kos yang besar.. sebab?   sebab perlukan plan dan kos pemasaran yang besar, baru branding menjadi. kalau setakat 2-3 ribu orang nampak, tu bukan branding..  ...


Side medication

I am 26 years old and married four months ago. I do sexual intercourse with my husband two to three times a week. I found a lot of discharge out of my penis after...



MY wife is 30 years old and husband is 42 years old. We were married for six years and had no children. My menstrual cycle is not fixed between 30 to 40 days, while...



I am 43 years old and disabled (OKU). I had a polio disease when I was young and at the age of my teenager I was involved with an accident that caused the left...


Lower body weight realistically

Set Goals Clearly Making changes and discipline is the key to weight loss. Let’s learn how to lose weight. The first step is to create a weight loss plan with a realistic time span....


Chocolate Is Benefit

A variety of chocolate flavors can now be easily found in shopping centers. Tantalizing flavor variations attract more fans. Chocolate is also said to have health benefits. What are the benefits? The main content...


Hunger scale

Hunger Scale There are times when we feel hungry again after just eating a meal. Or feel hungry after seeing food in a magazine or computer screen. Hunger scales can help distinguish whether you...


Causes of headache

Headache is a pain that appears around the head. Most of the headaches that occur are not serious and can be overcome easily, such as by taking painkillers, drink enough water, and more rest....